EASYolo Kids praga

Modular Sustainable Table

Table EASYoLo Kids (18 months - 4 yrs) #1 Multicolour. Model PRAGA.

Modular table, solid wood, completely water-based finishings, non-toxic and suitable for food contact. You can assemble and disassemble it again, move and turn it around and it remains anyhow stable. It follows the family according to its changing needs, becoming different things at the end of its life.


Perfect also as side table!



Material: Solid wood, EU certified ash

Finishings: open pore laquering. Absolutely non-toxic, for health and the environment

Colours: green, light blue, blue, pink, yellow, orange, red.

 Measures: 40x43x39

 Weight: 3 kg


Design for reuse ed economia circolare. It comes disassembled and it is very easy and fun to assemble it. This way we reduce transport effects. You can exchange a few pieces, substitute any of them and customise it when and if you want. And when you do not need it any longer, it becomes many other things.




Eco. It does not employ wood panels, plywood, chipboards, because solid wood lasts forever, can be easly mantained and minimise the use of glues. We use finishings that are totally water-based and suitable for food contact.




Encourage imagination and autonomy of your child, starting at the age of 4. Measures are designed so that it is confortable for him to play with it. Modules, simple and colorful, are perfect play mates. And since imagination has no age, have fun yourself customising it!




100% Made in Central Italy. Italian patent.

Table EASYoLo Kids (18 months - 4 yrs) #1 Multicolour. Model FIRENZE.

250,00 €

  • 1,3 kg
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  • Shipped in 3 weeks / spedizione in 3 settimane1

They get along with EASYoLo Kids Praga





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