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EASYDiA + EASYoLo are modular and sustainable seating and table systems designed under circular economy principles.

Rather than fix interiors, we prefer to conceive objects that you can modify and make of them exactly what you want. You can customize, swap, substitute and change modules or make something else out of your chair or table at the end: a toy for childern, a photo frame for the family, an armchair for young people. Because according to us design is eco-design, but also re-design.


Children love them since very young, because they are light, stable and at their hand, easy to be taken around, because of simple shapes and beautiful colours, because it is fun to assemble, disassemble, modify them and make of them something new at the end. Adults love them too, since they are perfect for flexible and shared spaces, suitable for different styles and moods.

Easy to be assembled and disassembled, their modules can be substituted over time, their structure (patent pendant) grants stability with less material employed, thier wood joints cover screws, they are naturally colourful.


In EU FSC certified solid wood plus a limited edition in chestnut from Central Italy, they contribute to reduce transport and mantain forests. We choose to use only solid wood, to make them right for reuse and mantainance. We use only totally non-toxic water-based finishings, certified for food contact. EASYDiA+EASYoLo are available open pore laquering, natural wood or dye effect. But can be fully custumised partially thorugh our PERSONALEASY system or fully on demand. Have fun mixing and matching our coordinated models and finishings and get INSPIREASY!


A chair and a table that change as your needs do, becoming exactly what you need - a photoframe for the family or a toy for your child. Discover our REEASY world.


KIDS (18 m - 4 yrs)

10 models, 9 colours

JUNIOR (4-10 yrs)

8 models, 9 colours

ARCADIA DESIGN catalogue 2016
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Sustainable and safe


You can assemble and disassamble them, move and turn them around and they remain anyhow stable.


You can make a tower or a train with them and take them to the kids corner or any other place in the house you want to be.


They follow the family according to its changing needs because itis essential to be practical without loosing our imagination


They are made 75% of EU FSC certified ash and 25% of chestnut from Central Italy, with water based finishings, nontoxic and certified for food contact



They are 100% modular. They are customisable and made of creativity, as you always looked for. They are ARCADIA DESIGN.


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