To use solid wood only


We employ only solid wood. Our wood products are entirely made of solid wood. By not using panels (MDF, chipboards, plywood) we knock down the use of glue and make our products ready for reuse.



To apply the design for reuse principles and be circular


We design new products using modules from our standard products in the view of a circular economy. Our modules will be never thrown away.



To use nontoxic finishings


We selected only certified products, totally water-based, that do not contain substances dangerous for health and environment and are suitable for food contact.

To rely on a local supply chain


Our chestnut comes from the most beautiful woods in Central Italy and we produce relying on the best Italian artisans within an area of 200 km. Made in Italy is just the beginning.


To reduce transport

Wood employed in the interior design industry normally originate from overseas. Nevertheless transport of raw material directly relates to the environmental impact of the final product. That is why we choose to employ European wood and partly local or Italian wood.

To be modular


We design maximising modularity: the presence of standardized units, made with CNC milling machines extends the product life span and gives the customer the possibility to renovate and reuse products. Modularity lower costs and keep quality high.
Our products conform to decoupling principles and are easly recycled.


To optimize packaging

We chose not to assembly our products before delivery as this way we reduce the amount of space of our packages and their environmental impacts related to transport.


To believe in R&D


 We destinate more than 15% of our costs to R&D and confirm this yearly to the Italian Government.


To make design a very personal thing.

Thanks to modularity, design becomes personal. You can assembly it yourself, change it, renew it, make something different of it or design your special one with us.


To make design a re-design


Our products change as your needs do. A chair becomes a kid's toy, which becomes a family's photoframe, which becomes a teenager's relaxing seating and so on.